Personalized Diet

Personalized Diet





A healthy, affordable, and practical diet is an important aspect of wellness. With a price of USD 99, you will have a diet plan to reduce your weight by 10 pounds within 1-3 months.  It takes into account your current weight and height, and amount of daily physical activity.

You may have goals to reduce weight by 40 or 50 pounds, however we make a plan for you that targets reducing weight by 10 pounds. It is a gradual process. Sudden weight reduction by a large factor is not the healthiest option. Patience and consistency are required.

Once you achieve the target of losing 10 pounds, you need to get another diet plan which takes into account your new weight, daily physical activity, and previous diet plan.

Please go to Pricing page for a step-by-step guide to purchase this plan, and fill the questionnaire.

Once your purchase is complete, we will design a tailored program for you and send it to your email.