2 Main Reasons for Muslimahs to Consider Fitness and Good Nutrition

04 Aug 2017

As the old proverb goes, “Health is wealth,” we shouldn’t be surprised to know that the importance of health is understood in every society and culture. However, not everyone takes care of their health in the best way that is possible. In a special report (The burden of obesity) by the Economist Intelligence Unit, it reports that out of the top 10 countries in terms of overweightedness (obesity), 6 of them are countries with Muslim majority population. It is a sad reality but it is not without its reasons. There are cultural, lifestyle, and food related factors that cause obesity. Muslim women (Muslimahs) live in an Islamic cultural environment where the majority are at home taking care of family chores. Some don’t have access to the right information regarding physical training and good nutrition. The sedentary lifestyle makes it difficult to be very active. All of these can easily contribute to gaining weight and affecting health.

There is nothing wrong with Muslimahs managing family chores. It is a culture and choice. We at started with the mission to provide a training and diet system for at-home-Muslimahs, so they can be fit and healthy at the convenience of their home. It is not that complicated. By adding an organized fitness and diet plan to daily schedule, at-home-Muslimahs can be on their path towards wellness. Here we briefly describe some of that main reasons for Muslimahs and other at-home-women to consider training and healthy nutrition.

1 – Overweightedness and Poor Diet is Source of Many Health Problems – If there is one thing in life that matters the most, it is our health. Without good health, we can’t enjoy the goodness that this life provides. Life becomes miserable. The best protection and insurance for our good health lies in a physically active lifestyle with proper nutrition. Do you know that after the age of thirty our muscle starts breaking down, and then it leads to overall muscle weakness!! However, this is not true when you routinely perform physical training and look after your health. Imagine living from age 30 onwards with all sort of body pains and weaknesses. Then imagine yourself aging gracefully, meaning you are aging with a good health, and keeping any avoidable health issues at bay. Our bodies are not much different from machines; if we don’t maintain them well, they get rusty.

2- You Can Start Anytime – It is a myth that we need special environment or high incomes to be able to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. All you need is one-hour of time during a day to do your physical exercise. That is how we have designed our fitness plans, so you can spend one hour a day and be good to go.

Often times, healthy food seems to be too expensive, requiring all sort of ingredients and tools to prepare. In reality, it shouldn’t be that complicated and expensive. At activeMuslimah we narrow it down to essential foods that will keep you healthy. Two other considerations that go in our diet plans are: affordability and ease of preparation. We know that at-home-Muslimahs need their time for other activities as well. So don’t be confused by the complexity of training and nutrition that you see on television or the internet. Let us take care of that for you.

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